After-Sales Services

CnGESi is committed to unrivaled service quality and it starts on the planning phase of every project providing the clients with the best project plan fit to the requirements and available resource.

CnGESi takes the extra step to provide the clients with top quality manufactured equipment and installation services.

Additionally, they also offer the clients intensive technical training on Operations and Maintenance, Facility Management, and Maintenance staff.

But CnGESi’s services do not stop at the project turnover, they invest in solid, long-term industrial partnerships with their clients, being by their side to provide excellent service within the whole product life cycle and beyond.

Servicing all hydropower plants, CnGESi fixes, upgrades, and modifies the clients’ equipment based on their requirements and available resources.

To guarantee quick maintenance services, CnGESi keeps an inventory of the most vital and frequently used parts.

Furthermore, CnGESi can also audit the clients’ existing equipment-regularly or upon request – and submit a comprehensive report on its findings.

Lastly, CnGESi’s preventive maintenance programs assures that the equipment is always in good working condition.